fully supported Unicode 9.0.0

2016-05-18 10:42:58

In May 18th 2016, can fully supports Unicode 9.0.0 Beta Standard. Unicode is a character encoding used in computer. The appearance of Unicode is to overcome the limits of traditional character encoding. Unicode sets a unified and unique binary code for each character in each language to meet the requirements of cross-language, cross-platform for text conversion and processing. The development of Unicode started in 1990, and Unicode 1.0.0 was released in 1994 and the newest version is Unicode 9.0.0.

Unicode 9.0.0 Beta added new character set compared to Unicode 8.0.0:

1C80-1C8F:Cyrillic Extended-C




16FE0-16FFFIdeographic Symbols and Punctuation


18800-18AFFTangut Components

1E000-1E02FGlagolitic Supplement