Font Format Converter, Font Subset Generater, Image to ASCII are now avaiable

2016-08-05 14:00:00

Since August 5th, 2016, the three tools Convfont(Font Format Converter), Subfont(Font Subset Generater), Image2Ascii(Image to ASCII) are available.

1.Convfont(Font Format Converter)

Convfont supports conversions among various font formats, including: TTF(TrueType Font), OTF(OpenType Font), WOFF(Web Open Font Format), WOFF2(Web Open Font Format 2.0), SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics), PFA(PS TYPE 1 ASCII), PFB(PS TYPE 1 Binary), PS(PS Type 0), PS3(PS TYPE 3), DFONT(TYPE MAC), EOT(Embedded OpenType), T42(Type 42), T11(Type 11 CID 2). You only need to upload a font file, and then select the destination format, and press the generate button to get conversion done. Convfont is also the first tool in the world which supports the most various font formats.


Subfont help users to extract the characters from a font file, and rebuild a tidy font file, its very suitable for use of webfonts nowadays. You only need to upload a font file, and press the characters you would like to extract from it, and then finish all the work by just one click.


Image2Ascii converts uploaded images to image-shaped ASCII characters. It's usually used when users are not allowed to insert pictures. The tool allows the users to set the width and the scale of the generated ASCII image. It's a perfect ASCII image generator.