Updates Its Wechat Official Account

2016-11-28 13:21:00

November 28, 2016, FontKe updates its Wechat Official Account which now contains more features, including font searching, daily check-in, bonus Zcode, purchase Zcoin and VIP/SVIP membership, bind with account and user center.

I. Features

A. When you input the name of a font, you can see the results in our official account. It will only show 9 results and you can click for more results.

B. You can visit FontKe for Phone by clicking the menu "FontKe".

C. You can search all the fonts by clicking the menu "Search".

D. By clicking "Me", you can chose "Check-in","Bonus Zcode","Zicoin & Membership","Log-in" and "User Center". The "Check-in" in official account can get bonus Zcoins just as the "check-in" on our website does. The Zcode can be collected to download not-free fonts for free. One Zcode can only download one font for free. You may need to "Log-in" first before you use "User Center" so that you can also scan QRcode with Wechat to log in our website.

II. How to Follow FontKe Official Account on Wechat

A. You can follow FontKe official account by scan our QRcode with Wechat.

B. You can select "Official Accounts", click the button "+", then search for "FontKe" then click "follow".