Officially Launched Zcode

2016-12-08 14:39:00

December 8, 2016, FontKe officially launched Zcode. New followers can get bonus Zcode for following our official account on Wechat. You can get Zcode on FontKe Membership Day (24th of every month). If you follow our official account on Wechat before 24th then you can still get Zcode on 24th that month. You can use Zcode after 24 hours. Every Zcode will expired after one month. If you unfollow our official account after following then follow us again, you will not get bonus Zcode.

A. What is Zcode?

Some fonts require Zcoins to be downloaded on FontKe, but you can download these not-free fonts without paying Zcoins. Zcode is like a coupon for Zcoins.

B. How to Get Zcode?

Currently, you can only get Zcode via FontKe for Web/Phone, our application on Android and iOS ,and Official Account on Wechat. Now you are able to get Zcode for free by following our official account on Wechat. Other channels will be opened soon. We will announce it on our website Announcement as soon as possible.

Firstly, you follow FontKe official account by scan our QRcode with Wechat or select "Official Accounts", click the bottom"+", then search for "FontKe" then click "follow".

Secondly, by clicking "Me", you can chose "Bonus Zcode", You may need to log in your FontKe account first so that you can also scan QRcode with Wechat to log in our website.