New Menu of "Tool Record" Launched on

2017-03-01 11:43:03

To improve user's experience, now launches new menu of "Tool Record" in user center and fixed some bugs of online tools as well as improving some functions.

1. New menu of "My Tool"

As long as our users has logged in while using our online tools, users can check their own using history of using all of these tools (except query tools) and the fonts, pictures and documents themselves have loaded on by click the menu under "My records"- "Tool Record".

2. Fixed Bugs of "Format Converter" and "@font-face Generator"

A bug has been fixed that "Format Converter" and "@font-face Generator" could mistakenly generate PFB(PostScript Type 1 Binary)file while users meant to generate EOT file.

3. Improvement of "Font Subset Generator"

The default character type choices have been changed into "symbols", "letters" and "figures" as well as "full-width symbols", "full-width letters" and "full-width figures". And the first three choices will automatically checked. What's more, as long as the character type choices has been checked, users can generate font subsets without inputting any other characters.