upgrades font uploading, managing and publishing features

2017-12-28 10:17:02

On December 28, 2017, will upload fonts and publish features to upgrade. The main features of the update are as follows:

1. Font upload

Users upload fonts can be achieved bulk upload, the server has been included in the font can be achieved second pass function, you can save the user's network bandwidth.

2. Font management

Fonts can be uploaded after the management of fonts, including: edit (edit the uploaded font information: font classification, Zicoins amount, licensing, copyright certificates, fonts introduced), shelves or re-shelves.

20 Zicoins Release Bonuses (not available) will be available to users after the user uploads fonts, and 50% Zicoins will be divided into (non-available) downloads if set as a Zicoins download. If the font company or font designer successfully claimed , Will no longer be divided into Zicoins. Certified Fonts Companies or font designers publish their own copyrighted fonts that will receive 20 Zicoins rewards (no cash) or 50% Zicoins if they are set to download for Zicoins.

3. Font review and instant release

Currently, a quick review (1-3 business days) can be performed. The approved fonts can be instantly published on, greatly improving the speed of font publishing.