Express Your Font Love In Haiku To Win A Prize Pack, including $50 iTunes

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There's another Valentine-inspired type contest, over at the Extensis blog.

You know that you've got a favorite, we all do. That dirty little secret that makes your document "pop" or your new design scream "Look at me!" Yup, we've all got a favorite font that we use.

In honor of Valentine's Day, it's time to express your feelings publicly for your beloved. And what better way to express one's love, but in poetry!

Bring us your proud bold words (in 5-7-5 format) that describe your feelings and admiration for that which we all love, fonts.

To make this little public expression of your infatuation more interesting, Extensis thought that they'd offer some nifty prizes for the best of the bunch.

First place will garner:

$50 iTunes gift certificate$25 Starbucks gift certificateThe übercool Greg Lamarche custom Extensis laptop skin (removable sticker)Extensis "We Serve All Types" t-shirtThe undying admiration of web surfers far and wide.

Second place will be honored with:

$20 Starbucks gift certificateGreg Lamarche custom Extensis laptop skinExtensis "We Serve All Types" t-shirtThe knowledge that you beat all of the other hack poets, except for that one guy, darn him.

Third place wins:

$10 Starbucks gift certificateCustom Extensis laptop skinMeh, third best is still OK, right?

Here's a little inspiration from the previous Helvetica Movie Haiku contest:

Helvetica sits,

watching you try the new fonts.

It knows you'll be back.

wedding invite came

they chose brush script mt bold

i give it six months

strong, bold, smooth, clean lines.

Like all the men in my life,

You are just my "type".

The contest closes at 12:00 midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on February 14th, 2009. There already are 86 responses at the moment of posting this announcement. So, go post your entries in the Extensis blog today! Be sure to use your correct email address in your comment entry so that Extensis can contact you if you win. They won't use your email address for any other purpose.

Don't forget to post your entries in the Extensis blog!Not just here.

Header image:Gazing Out by Halfdark | haiku by christina

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