Life Itself by Roger Ebert (Hardcover)

News|Fonts in Use|Stephen Coles 2013-04-06 19:24:29

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Roger Ebert's memoir is appropriately connected to the movies. Hovering above the theater curtains in old fashioned title card style,Yasashiiis an Art Deco inspired typeface that recalls the heydays of silent film era or perhaps the early days of Hollywood. The title takes advantage of the font's variety of alternate glyphs. The script is custom lettering.

Designer Will Staehle:

Roger Ebert is the most famous critic in the world.

He's written numerous books over the years, but never a memoir. I was very lucky to be called in to work on this great project, due to the art director seeing the Type Director's Club/Veer Postcard series that I designed.

She wanted a similar feel; something that felt like an old movie titlecard, and we knew from day one that we wanted a black and white cover. The book ended up with a very classy-looking package. And the best part? Roger Ebert liked it…a lot. He gave me a thumbs up.

( seriously. )