Jazz in Town Poster

News|Fonts in Use|Florian Hardwig 2013-05-29 01:35:45

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The poster for Jazz in Town – 18. Köpenicker Blues & Jazzfestival 2013 is a good example why type designers should consider adding compact diacritics to their fonts. As soon as there is some accent or umlaut, graphic designers can't use tightly spaced lines of all-caps. Or they are forced to tinker their own compact glyphs.

TheSans is a well-equipped font, featuring Ǖ, Ǘ, Ǚ and Ǜ, Vietnamese small-caps, six alternative ampersands and many more cool extras. Still, it offers no solution for the umlaut problem. The designer of this poster took matters into his own hands and created a vertical umlaut for 'BRÜNING'.

If you are interested in compact and other non-standard umlauts and you read German, check out my article in the recently published TypoJournal #4.

License: All Rights Reserved.