Dancing Dan's Christmas

News|Fonts in Use|Stephen Coles 2015-01-30 16:47:47

Source: http://www.biblio.com.Image via Lexikon Books & Maps. License: All Rights Reserved.

Delightful cover on this promotional paperback published by Toronto press Cooper & Beatty.

"Toronto based Cooper & Beatty, Limited was founded in 1921 by E. Cooper, L. Beatty and J.L. Pepper using the name Trade Composition Company. When Pepper left in 1926 the company was renamed to Cooper & Beatty. Until the Second World War it was essentially a trade typesetting company. In 1950 W.E. 'Jack' Trevett acquired the company. Trevett shifted the focus to graphic design, for which Cooper & Beatty became known as one of the leading companies in the field." — Trent University

Can anyone ID the '5'. I thought Monotype or SB Grotesques, but no.