21st Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf #2

Typesetting|Graphic Design & Publishing Center|Fred Showker 2015-08-26 15:10:09

This issue visits two distinctively different creative resources in typography--first, we'll meet Casey Ligon and her wonderfully fresh type and lettering designs, then move on to a striking poster by Franz Werner! Follow along . . .

It's always a pleasure to discover what were once main stream media and sites that begin to experiment with art and design--and bring in concepts and creatives that before were reserved only to the specialty or boutique sites. Such is the case here with the Sentinel and Enterprise site and the letter "M". The only problem is, we couldn't in all confidence send you to that site because it's so full of screen spam and stalker coding.

Typography comes alive for Casey Ligon

We knew she had to be good when she mentioned Ringling College of Art + Design! This girl's got the moves--typography moves! She's a lettering artist, muralist, chalk art aficionado, and part time Instagram-er currently freelancing in Florida. She makes lettering look good no matter what surface or background

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Visit the : wonderful collection of lettered goodies

Contributors to the letter M

The letter "M" on today's front page was designed for "The Alphabet" by Franz Werner in Providence, R.I.

"When Anna invited me to participate in this typographic event and asked me to pick a letter of the alphabet I had my mind fixed on the letter M. M happens to be the 13th letter in our alphabet of 26 characters. M for the middle. I knew that I was going to use photography as the medium.

Here is the fULL Graphic, NOT the article!

Sorry, we're only showing the art here because the web site, "SentinelandEnterprise.com" has so much screen spam and stalker links. If you would like to see the article, copy and paste this URL : http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/news/ci_28543379/contributors-letter-m