Masterfile tests your colour and type knowledge

Knowledge|Digital Arts| 2010-12-09 13:01:03

In the latest extension of Masterfile's Creative Mastery campaign, two new games test art directors' and designers' knowledge of colour and typeface.

In Colour Mastery, players are challenged to match random colour swatches using the RGB, and CMYK sliders. To beat the final level players must then correctly match a series of swatches using the colour wheel with only one click.

Typeface Mastery similarly challenges 'Creative-sans' to match as many different fonts as they can across three levels of difficulty.

"These games, are specifically designed by me, The Master, to hone one's creative kung fu, fo sho," says the Master, the all-knowing, wise-cracking, guru of the industry in the campaign.

The campaign will roll out further creative challenges until the end of February.