Live Pen for Illustrator debuts

News|Digital Arts| 2008-02-12 12:47:10

Zero-One (01) has released Live Pen plug-in for Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Live Pen is a new instrument for the vector design software, which is focussed on calligraphic typography. The company says that Live Pen excels, in both usability and versatility, above all professional tools of drawing known today for this technique.

Live Pen is intended both for professional font designers and for graphics designers who don't have time to study calligraphy, but who dream of achieving professional outcomes now.

The plug-in installs a a split pen, where the left and right parts are controlled independently. Designers can use several different pens along one path, and you can change pen width and other characteristics at any point of the line.

The Live Pen plug-in currently supports Illustrator CS2 under Windows 2000/XP. Live Pen for Illustrator CS and CS3 are expected to begin shipping in late April and early May. Live Pen for for Mac OS X is expected to begin shipping in late June and early July.