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In a little less than two months the inaugural TYPO London kicks off at the Logan Hall in Bloomsbury London. Launched to the world, on 1 April, the programme now looks much more than the elaborate April fool some suspected when the TYPO website went live with some six speakers confirmed.

Robin Richmond (left), Conference Director of TYPO London, overseeing proceedings with Benno Rudolf (centre), Conference Director of TYPO Berlin at TYPO Berlin 2011 "Shift". Photo by Gerhard Kassner

In fact close comparisons with other conference events leave TYPO very favourably positioned as one of the must-do events of 2011. "London has always had a vibrant design scene, taking influences from around the world and producing talent by the bucket-load. We've had successive UK governments extol the virtues of our creative industry for some time now and designers, design knowledge and creative thinking have become a significant export to the world", enthuses Robin Richmond, Conference Director. "What we noticed was London lacked an event in our space and we've tried to create something that can give back and refresh London's designers and bring some stimulus to the scene showcasing world-class talent from outside the UK and a mix of names from the UK design scene. I have to say I'm pleased with the way the content has come together. We have an A-list programme of speakers from the world of typography, information, graphic and digital design, brand experience, film, animation and publishing that makes TYPO the stand-out event of the year in our space".

Chip Kidd, speaker at TYPO London 2011 "Places", presenting at TYPO Berlin 2009 "Space". Photo by Gerhard Kassner

Richmond has a point. Some of the real stars of the design scene will take to the stage, including Head of TYPO Berlin conferences are signed up already.

Tim Fendley, speaker at TYPO London 2011 "Places", presenting at TYPO Berlin 2011 "Shift". Photo by Gerhard Kassner

The service industries are strongly represented. Google Europe's Creative Director Tom Uglow is confirmed. His team works on new ideas and global brand projects for Google and YouTube, such as Life in a Day, Chrome, Art Project, Play, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, StreetView and Android. Pamela Mead, Director of User Experience, Telephonica R&D is complemented by an appearance from Jeff Faulkner, Creative Director for Xbox Next Generation, where he guides the vision for Xbox's User Experience Design across Social Media, User Experience, Entertainment, Gesture and Voice Input, Information Design and Brand and Visual design.

Joachim Sauter, speaker at TYPO London 2011 "Places", presenting at TYPO Berlin 2010 "Passion". Photo by Gerhard Kassner

Independent film maker Gary Hustwit appears with Pixar's Michael B Johnson, who has worked on every feature the studio has released. They are joined by influential Possible Worldwide Creative Director Dale Herigstad, the man who designed the UI experiential possibilities for the famous scene in Tom Cruise's Minority Report.

King Bansah and Julian Zimmermann, speakers at TYPO London 2011 "Places", presenting at TYPO Berlin 2010 "Passion".

German designer Julian Zimmermann and King Bansah promise to be another conference highlight. Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah is King of Hohoe, Ghana. He works as a car-mechanic in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and governs his people in the African Volta Region from there. As part of his bachelor thesis, Julian created a corporate design for King Bansah. Their memorable joint presentation at TYPO Berlin last year brought many delegates to tears and garnered spontaneous standing ovations.

Erik Spiekermann, facilitator at TYPO London 2011 "Places", presenting at TYPO Berlin 2010 "Passion". Photo by Gerhard Kassner

TYPO is also pleased to announce that influential writer, commentator and journalist Lynda Relph-Knight will act as a facilitator.

"Our aim is for people to leave the event with strong talking points, controversies, new favourites, and most importantly new perspectives and knowledge," said Robin Richmond, adding: "TYPO London is beginning the journey of building equity and community, but there is huge goodwill towards our partner conference in Berlin. Groups come and meet up there almost on a yearly basis. I am convinced that TYPO London will also become an annual fixture in the city's design agenda."

About TYPO London

TYPO Berlin has been Europe's biggest and most important design event for the last 16 years. In two months TYPO will return to its original location in London. About 1,000 visitors from all around the world are expected to attend the conference, which will take place from 20-22 October 2011 at the University of London. The theme of this years TYPO London is "Places".

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Confirmed Speakers

King Bansah – King /Hohoe, Ghana | Michael Bierut – Partner /Pentagram | Neville Brody – Founder /Research Studios | Tony Brook – Founder /Spin | Jonathan Ellery – Founder /Browns | Jeff Faulkner – Creative Director/ Xbox | Tim Fendley – Founder /Applied London | Dale Herigstad – Creative Director /Possible Worldwide | Nat Hunter – Founder /Airside | Gary Hustwit – Film Director: Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized | Michael B Johnson – R&D Lead at Pixar Animation Studios | Chip Kidd – Assoc. Art director /Alfred A. Knopf | Eva-Lotta Lamm – UX Designer | Pamela Mead – Director User Experience /Telephonica | Morag Myerscough – Founder /Studio Myerscough | Susana Rodriguez de Templeque – Executive Creative Director /SYPartners | Joachim Sauter – Founder /Art+Com | Tom Uglow – Creative Lead /Google | Karin von Ompteda – PhD Candidate /Royal College of Art | Lawrence Weiner – Artist | Marina Willer – Creative Director /Wolff Olins, | Julian Zimmermann – Founder /Deutsche und Japaner


Lynda Relph-Knight – Design commentator and writer | Adrian Shaughnessy – Founder /Unit Editions | Erik Spiekermann – Managing Partner /Edenspiekermann | Simone Wolf – Founder /Type*s

Header image:Audience at TYPO Berlin 2011 "Shift". Photo by Gerhard Kassner

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