Twenty120 site shows specially-created shorts from top directors

News|Digital Arts| 2008-07-21 12:47:51

The 2nd-annual Twenty120 collection site has gone live, showcasing work from a high-profile set of directors from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, and Germany spanning commercial directors, television creatives, designers, art directors, and fine artists utilizing a range of skills including live-action, illustration, stop-motion, animation, graffiti, and more. The launch will kick-off with an opening screening Presented by PromaxBDA at Cinespace in Hollywood.

The concept for Twenty120 was conceived in 2007 under a simple premise: 20 films, each 120 seconds with a theme of Truth vs. Deception. The idea was to pull together a diverse group of directors free of any creative constraints to create using any medium to inspire by creating innovative content. The directors are all invited on the premise that they create for themselves, and not for any commercial purposes. All work is under complete ownership of the directors.

The diverse offerings of films came together to create an eclectic mix of narrative and design, with a wide range of tonality from the whimsical, to the serious, to absurd. The films show a varied interpretation of the theme Change, such as Ben Radatz' (MK12) mix of VO and live action elements touching on a spiritual take. Matt Tragesser's (The Ebeling Group, Imaginary Forces, JWT) literal use of typography and negative space transformation. Bran Dougherty-Johnson's (Psst Pass it on) original typographic illustration chronicling a personal view on the theme. As well as live action narratives from Amanda Havey (VH1), Larry Morris (Cartoon Network) and Scott Matz/Justin Merideth (Thornberg & Forester).

This year, directors take off where they left off last year. Staying true to the ideals of creativity and innovation, they have come together to create a collection of short films that bring together live action, effects, animation, comedy, action, and verité.

The directors include: returnees Matt Tragesser and Bran Dougherty-Johnson (Psst! Pass it on..), independent animation and live action directors such as David Lobser, Mitch Paone with Willi Patton, Rob Chiu, Matt Lambert, Chris Hewitt, Jason Koxvold, Stephen Schuster, and Matt Smithson, along with Mark Yamamoto, Bill Sneed, Mark Szumski, Erin Sarofsky of Rebus Farms, Limore Shur and Jory Hull of Eyeball NYC, rock/art photographer Simon Larbalestier with Steve Tozzi of Click3x, Steve Zourntos and Susan Armstrong of Headlight Design + VFX, as well as Susanne Lüchtrath and Anton Riedel from Feedmee in Germany and a team of Moxie Director Henry Lu with Joe Rudge and Dan Maloney of Whitehouse Post.

The Open is designed and animated by Erica Gorochow and Gabriel Tick, and the Twenty120 website is designed by Rob Bigwood.