André Themoteo Alves Corrêa

André Themoteo Alves Corrêa is a Designer, Graphic Artist, Typographer, Graffiti writer, Painter and Optical Illusionist, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 1986.

At the age of 16, ‘ATAC’ had the first contact with letters design, by starting to sketch and to paint graffiti with his self given name “Cusp” and become also “Spit”, starting practicing and spraying in his house saloon on the year 2001 with his older brother and another friend who designated the name MMC for the Graffiti crew by unificating two groups which started an idea of minimum multiple common subset in the group like a subtract of our minds like an equation for regenerate Mather and reason like a code for a final product of ourselves with a MMC Utopia.

Since this joint venture he started to discover his inner hidden talents and to find a path to overcome his traumatic life, that got graver after he passed from a difficult period, that began in 2004 with enforced psychiatric clinical admissions, that remained for a period of almost 9 years of medication crises, this bad way of life delayed him for what was doom and separated him from certain friends, but surviving this environment helped him to learn more from himself, discover his missions and overcome the stones in the way and distinguish the right from the hypocrisy...

At the end of the year 2011 he designed an alphabet called: ‘Penrose Geometric’ inspired by Oscar Reutersvärd and M.C. Escher non-euclidean geometry to a final work in Typology class at the Design course from the School of arts from ‘UniverCidade’, a university that was closed by bankrupt. The font was released in April 2013, with help from a font-lab workshop, establishing The Type Foundry 'MMC-Typodrome' by an idea of revival the Street Times from the graffiti crew ‘MMC’ when it was operating, because the friendship crew acronym almost ended with the members departing to another sides or looking for new experiences or joining different projects. From that time on, he found himself in the drawing of alphabets, and strayed from graffiti for a while and started collecting some typology projects.

It took almost two years to develop and finish a new font release, due to his inexperience on programing plus some technical issues. Then in February of 2015 there came two new families releases, called Technical Signature and Technical Scripture, with 13 styles in each. That project was kind of symbiotic types and it came with some flaws that a month later in March of 2015 was corrected with the upgrade release, with the redesign of this 2 Technical prefix fonts intended to differ more from each other project and there is endless source for much more to come.

In another phase insight around 2008, he had a revelation while training tags on paper, he remembered his forgotten identity and second name of baptism, that is ‘Sal Spiter’ that was kept in spirit and was revealed by his hands and from a voice addressed in his mind, the name was bigger but he was recognized as André Sal, or as like “the salt of the earth”, from that time on begin a new phase on his personal work that started a serious evolution might eternal, since then started a new interest between the rebel “wild style” letters and gestalt design science and ornamental art too. But still after recognizing this self discovering experience, the main signature format on the graphic Designs and Printing remains the initials ‘ATAC’ summed from his acronym from his ‘MMC’.

Now this steps follows to finishing the began type projects collection, present soon his website that is under construction, update projects to fonts format, and the study of a subject of his personal interest that is the physical possibility of finding geometrical fourth dimensional crafts and designs, even this could be a paradox because the concept of space itself is a three-dimensional nature and could never live this statement, the Mather of space and time can consist in psychological plus geometrical rhythms assembling like kinetic hypnosis among the naked eye… Believing that new dimensions could rise by the transmutations of two or more different dimensions intertwined in a new world that everything is possible, because the scientific property of relativity that is the consequence of this tales…

“Math is the alphabet in which God writhed the Word!” In homage to Galilee Galileo a eternal breath of science!