The Mighty Pete is a graphic artist that’s been doing computer graphic art for 30 years. His fonts and art have appeared in movies, on TV, in magazines all over the world and also in numerous commercial software packages as art elements. Rumor has it that some people are even wearing it as tattoos.. I personally have not seen any pictures but some people have claimed to have done it. I like type faces and in particular older Calligraphy styles. I've been studying it pretty much all my life. I saw a rare bible once when I was a child. A very rare Finnish bible that maybe the only one still in existence. If somebody is interested it was the first Catholic / Finnish translated bible ever written in and around the 16th century or even earlier.. It was hand written by Scribes . It was a work of art. Every page was amazing. Some pages had only one single letter with gold leaf or gold paint and was so intricate it amazed me that that was all created by hand. I have never seen a book like it since that so much work went into it’s making. Changed my life. I've been studying and practicing calligraphy ever since.

Just to give you a idea of how long I've been making fonts for computers and how times have changed over the years my first collection of computer fonts was made in the early 80’s for the Apple II computer. It was called The Arctic Ice Collection and consisted of about maybe 100 different fonts. In those days font editors did not exist. It was entirely written in binary directly on the surface of a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk. Remember those? You had to create a empty font file on a disk then with a binary editor change the bits in that empty file to create a full font with all the characters. Even the apple. We used to pride ourselves on how wild a different we could make the apple. It could take days to make a single character. You could not see the letters. It would be just a green screen of numbers. Later you got to finally see it and maybe go back and tweak them. Times sure have changed. It contained some really nice fonts. You know those ice covered ones you see every where now. It had a few of those on the disk. Maybe some of the first ever made for a computer hence the name. It also had isometric fonts and all kinds of really cool ones. Anyway I've been making fonts for computers since then.

Enjoy the fruits of my labor...

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