Brand name: SCREEN
Foundry alias: スクリーン
Simplified Chinese name: 株式会社斯库林集团; 大日本网屏制造株式会社
English name: SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.; SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd.; Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Traditional Chinese name: 株式會社斯庫林集團; 大日本網屏製造株式會社
Japanese name: 株式会社SCREENグラフィックソリューションズ; 株式会社SCREENグラフィックアンドプレシジョンソリューションズ; 大日本スクリーン製造株式会社
Country or region: JapanJapan
Address: 京都市上京区堀川通寺之内上る四丁目天神北町1番地の1
Website: SCREEN
Supplier ID:: DS

SCREEN Holdings (formerly Dainippon Screen) started to develop the Hiragino fonts in 1990. As a leading manufacturer of photographic reproduction equipment, we had built a wealth of experience with image printing and this led us to initially target visual-rich magazines. Our goal was to create a unique font that was easy to read yet blended smoothly with graphics. All

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